Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 2: Low Energy Level

I'm sorry if I was not able to update you on Oreo's hospitalization. Things at our home just went crazy.

So we went back to the clinic to visit Oreo. I was expecting him to be very excited to see me, but I guess his just too weak to do so. The thought of seeing him on his best shape just vanished in a second. It is not as what I have expected. I got a little consolation though, he wiggle his tail when he see me. Its enough to make me happy.

I was with Claire, my little sister when we visit Oreo. She's like Oreo's second owner. She just love him so much. We spend almost an hour in the clinic cuddling Oreo. When we decided to go home, the doctor told us that we might bring him home the next day if his condition gets better. I was happy to hear that news.
Here's some picture of that day...

He started to eat his food


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